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Erotic Hypnosis Script: Celery That Creates Mind Blowing Orgasms and Weight Loss! You will never think about Celery and Chocolate Cake the Same!

Warning: What you are about to read may forever change your outlook on celery, and I take no responsibility if you begin to have uncontrollable kinky desires in the produce aisle of your local supermarket. :-)

You are about to blink and when you do you may notice now or in a few moments from now that each word you read is awakening your erotic senses and emotions. And each time you do blink that you feel pleasure building and stress disappearing. For once there was a cat who jumped down from the top of the highest building knowing she was going to land in the softest pillow you can imagine and down she went faster and faster and the speed she went down made her cry out and as she went down she just let go and continued sinking deeper and deeper and deeper into the pillow there was a feeling of bliss and serenity.

Look into my large crystal ball with me and there for sure is an image of you at a fun, noisy party and yes people seem to be wearing minimal amounts of clothing. I see you like to voyeur and you are next to a long table filled with chocolate cakes and a lonely looking plate of celery and you know that you must make a choice. For a moment a little Nelly phrase “I think the my butt’s getting big” pops into your head, but you ignore it and start reaching for the chocolate cake like you always do …but wait…there are some things first that you need to know. I forgot to tell you that whatever is your choice it is the only thing you can eat in the next 24 hours – but it is your choice – the chocolate cake or the plate of celery.

Before you make your choice, I should also tell you that the celery you see is a new kind recently invented that will give you immense pleasure when you eat it.

But of course everything is always your choice – so which would you choose?

Before you choose I need to tell you that the chocolate cakes were flown in last night from the best bakery in Paris, but as I am telling you this, you suddenly may notice that the celery is quite phallic looking in its length and thickness and a memory of a college lover of a similar size and shape surges through your mind in bits and pieces and fleeting colorful and passionate images. I see a smile cross your face now as this memory comes flooding back in. That indeed was a wonderful and delicious night that you never wanted to end and I see now that your breathing has already begun to change and your face is a little flushed. Probably you are noticing many other sensations which I have not yet described. Yes, you may have forgotten some of these feelings like they have been hidden in a locked box, but my words are giving you the key, the permission, to feel and play with them again. You deserve it.

These lovers you are thinking about are the kinds of memories to savor and in a moment you will blink again and again and the memory of every lover will begin to return to you and perhaps you remember sinking down into the soft pillows like the cat that went down and down and the memories are even now more vivid or perhaps vivid memories are what you see now because your imagination is 1000 times more powerful than even you can imagine. And perhaps you notice tingling sensations in many parts of your body that have been long forgotten

But before you choose…

I should tell you that there is a rumor that the plane that flew in the beautiful collections of chocolate cakes in front of you from Paris had its refrigeration system fail and that I believe there are now 200 ugly, creepy maggots writhing in a small ball inside the center of each piece of cake and they are eating as fast possible, so they may grow bigger fatter and uglier and their butts are getting big. As I tell you this the cakes seem to fade in color from black to a pale grey, but the celery gets brighter and brighter changing to 100 pulsating shades of psychedelic green like a green very bright light bulb that is now illuminating the room. You notice that the celery is perhaps 7 inches or 8 inches in length and the shaft is lined with vertical veins of varying colors. It appears you have never noticed this before. Suddenly many more pleasurable memories are flowing back to you, memories that you have completely forgotten about for many years. In fact you are about to blink again and each time you blink a new memory will come back to you in intense vivid detail and your sensual memory receptors are lighting up and perhaps you will remember your tongue running along the vein of a long shaft. I should also tell you that this is a special piece of celery and that each bite you take will decrease your desire for sugary high calorie foods and that pleasurable memories will become amplified 100 times each time you chew. If you are now normally a quiet lover, it will make you moan. If you are a moaner it will make you scream. If you are a screamer you may need to dig your fingernails deep into something with each wave of pleasure that will come to keep your screams of pleasure from startling the neighbors.

But the choice as I said before as you sink farther down into the fluffy pillows is of course yours

The color of the chocolate cake continues to fade to a blurry grey and …oh gross..OMG… a couple of filthy little maggots have popped their heads out to look around the room. In fact they are staring directly at you. Ugh…that is truly disgusting and all desire for cake and sugar just disappears like the flash of a camera – powerful one moment and now just nothing – completely gone – never to return. Flash. All desire for sugar – gone just like that. Flash. Flash. Flash and colors fade from the room.

But before you make a decision this time, I would like you to pick up the piece of celery and place it in your mouth and savor the hard texture across your tongue and lips. Suck it gently. Suck it hard. No biting yet allowed. I am not sure where you will feel the first powerful pulse of excitement in your body, perhaps it is a tiny electric current down your back like that of a violet wand, or a surge of increased sensation across your nipples like someone attaching nipple clamps, a tingling on your lips or a contraction between your legs or a shiver along your spine like when someone switches a vibrator from low to high. And again you will soon blink and the memory intensifies like it was just last night, like it was just a few hours ago or perhaps that you will think it is actually right now and for sure it will be powerfully erotic in your dreams tonight. You can easily remember the sounds, the feelings of each touch, the smell of sex in the room, a wet spot on the sheets and the feelings as your eyes met. Each time your eyes flutter in your sleep tonight, your erotic desires will intensify. You will reach out for your lover all night and surprise yourself with your capacity for intense passion and relentless need. Food no longer satisfies your need – you need now the real thing – over and over and over and over and over until you are completely spent and fall into the slumber of someone totally loved and safe.

But again, as always, it is your choice. Which do you choose the sugary chocolate cakes or the celery?

You may bite down on the celery now and feel the wetness flowing into your mouth like the wetness starting to flow between your legs. Chew and nibble slowly now like the way you would savor a new lover you have just met and dragged home to be your plaything for the night. And with each bite into the celery your emotions unwind now. The genie is coming out of the bottle releasing passion, lust, desire, primal urges, intense fetishes and deep emotional needs that must be satisfied. The violet wand is getting stronger, the vibrator is turned now to super high, your nipples are growing longer each time you chew and there is no rush, only the slow savoring of a delicious lover. In fact with each bite you are chewing slower and slower and slower. You want the build up to the climax to last forever, growing into the slowest and the most powerful foreplay the world has ever known. And down you go, deep into the pillows letting your mind run wild. And the taste of the celery brings you almost to the edge and then back again like waves coming close and strong and then fading slightly. Sparks from the wand dance now along the shaft of the celery as you play with it deep in your throat casting an eerie glow on the chocolate cake and your breathing is faster and shallower now.

You reach down and throw the chocolate cakes far away from you. There is no need for disgusting high calorie foods that once clogged your body for in your hands is your new lover. And now flowing faster and faster is every powerful sensual experience you have ever had. Bite down again and again, savor it, squeeze out the juices, so they may them trickle down your throat.

You are beginning now to radiate pheromones and feel the rush of endorphins as your creative mind builds powerful erotic fantasies for you that have no limits, no restraints and no judgments. For I know that there are parts of you that have not yet let go, limits that you have yet reached or crossed and like the tea kettle that bowls or the pressure cooker that whistles or the levee that breaks or the avalanche that just releases all of its energy at once you too can. And notice now the pulsing and contractions between your legs building in intensity, the hardness of your bites into the celery over and over again and just let go. Touch your nipples now and your breathing will be becoming faster, your desire building with every thought, and with the taste of each piece of celery you become the sexiest person on earth. Squeeze your nipples harder and harder letting pain arouse you and awaken you from your deep sensual slumber mixed with ever flowing pleasurable memories. As you think these thoughts you will become more and more emotional and passionate because repressing feelings is so boring and isn’t it better to allow yourself all fantasies that you may imagine. And down you go and perhaps you would like someone else to go down with you and down you go again deep into the pillows where anything is possible.

Let me show you now 10 foot lengths of rope I have made from celery fiber. I am sure you have experienced the roughness of jute or the softness of linen hemp being dragged very, very slowly between your legs, but this rope is wet and slippery and likes to be tied tight around the base of nipples and the very bottom of throbbing cocks and pulled in a circular motion around a hardened clitoris. You should take this unusual rope in your hands now and be creative in what you can do, because in my crystal ball I see you doing very erotic things. Perhaps you will make handcuff knots and slip your hands through the loops. Here, let me help you pull the loops tight. Perhaps you should pick up the phone and call that person you want now.

And now you may have already noticed the changes that are happening inside you with each blink of your eyes. The feelings continue to become more and more intense soft and sultry, languid and loving, rough and erotic, soft and exotic, kinky and sexy for your imagination is now free to roam where you want to go and has no limits

Tomorrow as you walk through the produce aisle you will be intensely attracted and drawn to all things that are green and all things that are green will be drawn to you and it is so and you desire it. There are cucumbers and zucchinis and of course large amounts of celery. Grab a big bunch of celery with ten stalks and take home each of these lovers. In fact wrap rubber bands around them, tighter and tighter, imagining cock rings so that you can drag each of them home. For believe me when I say it will now take 10 lovers to keep you satisfied.


Passion builds


Passion builds 10 times more

Blink again

Passion builds 100 times more

And do not be surprised if you scream out in the night with ecstasy or intensely desire someone walking through the produce aisle or that your nipples are throbbing now or that the thought of someone very slowly pulling rope between your legs makes you smile.