About This Diet


 The Erotic Hypnosis Weight Loss Diet is designed for lovers of romance novels, erotica and BDSM genre like Fifty Shades of Grey. I have used it myself to lose 25 pounds (12 kilos). I will give you each day suggestions and commands so that walking away from food is 100 times more pleasurable than shoving it down your throat. You will learn to eat very slowly.

She told me to hold the strawberry between my teeth for one hour and that she would stop kissing me from head to toe the moment I would decide to bite it. I obeyed her command, as I enjoyed the warmth of her close to me until finally by accident the pleasurable convulsions in my body caused me to bite through the strawberry and I then savored the juices running down my throat.

How long could you hold the strawberry between your teeth while your lover adores you? Try it tonight and you probably just became the world’s slowest eater. Then have your partner do the same exercise. No calories in – no fat on the hips – just a very big smile of pleasure on your face.

Each day I will give you more and more powerful commands, so that you become aware and  so that what you do eat gives you pleasure and what you don’t eat gives you 100 times more pleasure.

Warning:  A strong side effect of this diet is that you may wake up in the night wanting that special someone NOW instead of searching for chocolate cake in the back of the refrigerator at 3 AM.  Just reading romance, erotica and BDSM novels may no longer be enough – you may want real romance in your life. You may notice a strong attraction to 5 mm rope when you walk down the aisles of the hardware store and imagine yourself being gently bound by an adoring lover.  You may feel yourself overwhelmingly attracted to specific foods like celery and cucumbers that we are about to supercharge with every pleasurable sensation.

From now until forever in the future every time you see a green traffic light I would you to feel a powerful surge of pleasure. It will be your reminder that I am waiting for you to return to give you more commands. Soon you will discover that obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience. Surrender to my voice and your pleasure will be beyond your wildest thoughts and the fat will begin to disappear

I am Zran, an erotic hypnotist, also know as The Diet Dom. Enter my world now and those pounds will start dropping off while you have a big smile on your face.